Lead Recycling System

Lead is the highest recycled among all metals. It retains the physical and chemical properties even after repeated recycling.  Recycling of Lead from Lead Acid Batteries has assumed substantial importance in India with the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MOEF) introducing the Batteries Management and Handling Rules2001(BMHR) to ensure that Lead is recovered from the highly toxic used Lead Acid Batteries through recyclers with Environment friendly processes and have registered with MOEF and the local Pollution Control Boards.


Global Enviro has ventured into Lead Recycling Systems with the prime objective of providing Technology and process for setting up a state of the art Lead battery recycling plant which will bench mark the most environment friendly process of recycling in the country.The Company aspires to be the leader of the Lead recycling technology in the country.


The Iron-Soda process is the most popular technologyadopted for recovery of Lead from battery material. The Lead material in the form of plates, and paste along with dross from the smelting and refining processes, are charged in a Rotary furnace. The fluxes used are Soda Ash, fluorspar, Iron boring, and Coke breeze/ charcoal. The technology offered uses an Oxy- fuel system, where Oxygen is used with LDO as the fuel for firing the furnaces. The Oxy-LDO system ensures that the emissions are reduced substantially (65 to 70% lesser than when Air-LDO is used) leading to an environment friendly ambience. The investment required for the Pollution control system is also significantly lower with an Oxy-fuel process. The use of Oxy- LDO system also results in substantial reduction in specific consumption of LDO leading to savings in cost of production.




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