A. Sambasiva Rao -  Partner, M/s Global Technologies

                                                      (Conveyor Division)


With over one and a half decades of experience in managing projects, Mr. Rao is thoroughly qualified, experienced and highly proficient in Fuels and Ash Handling Systems.  He also is responsible for managing and monitoring third party suppliers and external vendors. As one of the core directors of the group, Mr. Sambasiva Rao has been part of many successful projects that have been undertaken by the Global Group.




K. Srirami Reddy – Managing Director


As the Founder and Managing Director of Global Enviro Air Systems, Mr. Sri rami Reddy is also the managing partner of Global Technologies. As a qualified mechanical engineer prior to establishing Global Enviro, Mr. Srirami Reddy has been associated with a few elite companies in the sector from whence he gained his commendable expertise. His remarkable engineering experience, outstanding business acumen and relentless dedication helped the company lay a strong foundation that has become the unenviable support for all the group companies.

Quite early in his career Mr. Reddy with his keen sense of perception visualized that the industry needed a higher degree of reliable systems in pollution control. His constant research enabled him discover newer technology that eventually led to early success of the company. Pollution control equipment and material handling equipment became his forte and in no time the company grew in bounds and volumes. Mr. Reddy's uncanny ability to manage people and finances, foreseeing performance, unique marketing strategies and exceptional business intelligence have all scripted the success story of Global group.


In recognition of Mr. Srirami Reddy's outstanding contribution to the Indian business sector he has been bestowed with the most prestigious Rastriya Udhyog Ratan Award by the Indian Organisation for Business Research and Development (IOBRD). He was also conferred with Shilpa Prathiba Puraskar by Shilpa Art Creations, Hyderabad.

V. Ramana Murthy – Director, Global Enviro Air Systems Pvt. Ltd

                                                                  (HVAC Clean room projects)


A phenomenal management force of Global Enviro Systems, Mr. Ramana Murthy has the incredible credit of installing over 100 Clean Room and HVAC projects for the Pharma and the Chemical Industry.  With commendable expertise on failure analysis of chemical, pharmaceutical and food processing plants, Mr. Murthy is an expert on investigation of physical evidence and in performing necessary tests to develop successful probable scenarios.

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Bearing thoroughbred prowess in the field he has the ability to modify complex engineering theories into easily understandable and usable concepts. Specializing in an array of comprehensive Clean Room solutions starting from Engineering and Design,   Mr. Murthy’s invaluable experience aids commissioning and validation of projects.


With a sound grounding in engineering and enormous experience in the sector,           Mr. Murthy has been with a number of elite companies in the sector and was exposed to a wide range of complex situations. The tremendous experience of Mr. Murthy is one of the principal strengths of the Global Group and together with the others in the team, the group is poised to see spectacular performance in the immediate future.

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